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To provide quality and wide range of services and trading products to our customers by highly professional personnel for satisfaction of Customers with both high Spirits and Flexibility

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Our specialization

We have standard and quality services that differ from client to client.


When looking for new trading, the first thing you need is trust and Trustix provides you trust with quality.

Turn Key Projects

Trustix is multifaceted company, offering Innovative Solutions for Emerging Technologies on turnkey basis


We are well-reputed Contractor to deliver your project with high quality on time and under your budget. Our clients know we deliver high quality with efficiency.

Diversified Engineering Solutions

Our basic mission is to provide our all customers with the exact and accurate solutions they need with the help of all engineering services related.

Services provider

With our service, customers enjoy more than one of our services delivered to their sites but maintains a high degree of client management relating to the suitability of input specifications, in order to meet their business requirements and budgets.

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Our expert team

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Muhammad Abdul Rehman

CEO/ Vice President

Muhammad Zubair Butt

CEO/ Vice President

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands